Learn Martial Arts from Home with a Mentor…And have FUN!

Develop Character Traits like Confidence, Discipline, Integrity & Responsibility!

We are on a mission to impact hundreds of kids all over the world to help them with their Focus and Confidence through Martial Arts classes. We understand not everyone has the time to attend lessons in person or have the budget to attend.

Welcome to Mentor Dojo….a FREE BEGINNER Digital Program for Kids to get mentored by our Qualified Black Belts that were home grown in our local studio and now are young adults.

Get access to a FREE Weekly Live Beginner Virtual Lesson on Zoom and also access to easy to follow along lessons on our YouTube Channel if you can’t attend the LIVE Zoom Lessons.

Here is everything they will learn (From Home)

  • Focus: So they get better grades at school
  • Confidence: So they stand up to Bullies at school
  • Discipline: So they do their chores at home without being told
  • Punches and Kicks: So they can protect themselves