3 Ways to Show Focus

So there’s three ways we show FOCUS to our kids here in the studio.


It’s focus your eyes, focus your mind, and focus your body. When we teach focus for the eyes, we teach children to look at the person who they’re speaking to and not to get distracted with other things that are going on. One way we do that is we have something we say to the kids, which is, “Eyes on.” When we say “eyes on”, they have to look at us and they have to point and say, “You, sir” or “You, ma’am.”

The second way to show FOCUS is with the mind.

So, what we teach kids is that when you’re listening, you want to listen with your ears, but you also want to remember and retain with your mind. So that means even though you’re listening, if you’re daydreaming about what you’re going to eat later or what cartoon show you’re going to watch, you’re actually not focusing because information is going in and it’s going out.

The third way to show focus is with the body. So, how we teach that to the children is we tell them that you want to stand really still, and you don’t want to be moving when you’re listening, because when you’re moving around you are distracting yourself and people around you. One of the exercises we like to do here is, especially the younger kids, is we do something called Focus Master where we are standing still…..and then I might say something like, “Okay, there’s a bee in the room flying around and if that bee lands on you, I want you to be so focused that you don’t even know that bee is there.”

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