Hi Parents!
Are you looking for an Activity to Boost your Child’s Physical and Mental Health?
Introducing the SUPER KID CHALLENGE 💪
The Super Kid Challenge takes your child on a JOURNEY 🗾where they will become more Focused, Confident and an Action Taker 🚀 while having FUN and learning Life Skills through our Award Winning Kids Martial Arts program 🥋
During this program they will learn;
✅ High Performing Habits so that home work and chores are done on time
✅ Developing a positive mindset so they NEVER use the word I’CANT
✅ Overcoming their Fears so they try new activities and experiences in life
✅ Mapping out their goals so they will achieve whatever they desire in life
They will also learn Martial Arts techniques that will…
🌟 Develop their SELF DISCIPLINE so they do things without being told
🌟 Teach them SELF-DEFENSE so they feel confident when confronted by Bullies or Peer Pressure
🌟 Make them HEALTHIER AND STRONGER which will help them in their Growth Development Stages
🌟 Teach them LIFE SKILLS so they can excel in School and in Life
This challenge is not about the result BUT more about what your child will BECOME 💪 through this JOURNEY.
At the end of this challenge they will be able to tackle any task they face with a positive mindset without giving up…they will transform into the “ULTIMATE ACTION TAKER” 🚀
So what are you waiting for?
Click the link below and join the SUPER KID CHALLENGE today!

Summer Camps

Does your child love to have fun during the summer?
If you are a parent with a child in Kindergarten thru 5th grade, you are going to absolutely LOVE this FUN, SAFE, and Affordable summer camp in Richmond!!! 😀
Our A+ rated camp is designed to give your child a fun experience every single day during the summer!
We include a variety of daily sports, games, and educational activities that are a blast!
Read the list below and click on the picture below to visit our website and learn more about our tuition plans!
Your child is going to receive an incredible value with these activities!!
Martial Arts/Karate classes!
Dance classes!
Cheerleading classes!
Tumbling classes!
Flag Football!
Educational Activities!
Lego building Stations!
Arts and crafts!
Talent shows!
As a parent like you, we take great pride in having a safe summer camp where children learn how to reach their goals!
We only accept children who love to be active and enjoy being successful!
Our camp is bully-free, structured, and most importantly, “FUN!” *Spots sell out quickly because we have so many returning families each summer!
Click on the link below to visit our website and learn more about our hours, special tuition rates, and how your child can qualify right now to receive a free Martial Arts uniform valued at $60!
If you have any questions, we are ready to speak with you right now! Feel free to call 604-241-7624 😀
We are the BEST! We have been featured on Vancouver Television, Shaw Cable and CBC news.
All of our coaches have been properly trained, background checked, and approved to work with children!



Kid Safe Workshop


Your child will learn the 10 different lures a stranger will use to abduct them


Click here to watch:



Bully Proof Workshop


Your child will learn how to confront bullies using our 3 step system


Click here to join:


Beginner Kids Virtual Workshop


Your child will learn the basics of martial arts through our FUN virtual class


Click here to join: