Time Travel Video #1


“If only I knew… that you would turn out to be GREAT all those years ago…”
That’s what my mum said when she recently visited me at my established Martial Art gym right here in Richmond.
In a way, I immediately understood what she meant!
That’s because when I first told my mum that I wanted to learn martial arts over 30 years ago, she was super skeptical and reluctant.
She thought learning martial arts would only encourage me to fight!
In fact, all I wanted back then was to be able to stand up for myself. To avoid getting bullied.
I wanted to be stronger so that I could protect myself.
If only my mum could see me now when she said ‘NO’ back then…
If only she could see how far I have progressed in life thanks to the skills I learnt from my training…
And how martial art taught me some of the most important life skills!
Because being a disciplined martial artist…It’s not always about learning to be physically strong!
But it’s also that we could train our mind, our confidence, and our skills to navigate through hardship and the many obstacles in life.
I am so glad I persevered and got her to agree to let me embark on my enlightening martial arts journey.
I am glad my mum did the right thing and gave me the chance to learn from experienced and responsible mentors.
That’s when I thought… it’d be great to be able to show other parents the possibilities of martial arts and what it can do for their children by taking them on a journey to the future!
And so, this video was born… Inspired by my own true story, and by my favourite movie ‘Back to the future’.
Watch it now… and see how a caring parent took the journey through time, to watch their kids nurture into a mature and responsible person.
We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoy making it!
– Driving that epic DeLorean ‘Time Machine’ made my day!…
And when you are finally ‘Back from the future’…
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Get your kids off the couch and let them learn important life skills like discipline and focus via our fun and safe martial art class.
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Other decisive parents will definitely do so!
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I look forward to helping your lovely child grow with lots of fun-filled martial arts training!

Web Series: Episode 1

How to get your child ready for their activity

How to get your kids to do any activity in 15 minutes without you having to say it twice.

Hi, my name is Johnny Ahmed from Richmond Martial Arts. I wanted to share with you this quick tip that you could implement right away when it comes to getting your kids ready for some sort of activity, like either martial arts, dance, soccer, or swimming.

First thing I want to do is I want to talk about a memory that I have from elementary school. So back then in elementary school, my mom would come up to me and go, “Okay, it’s time to go for swimming lessons.” And I would fight and argue and say, “No, I don’t want to go, I want to stay right here.” Years later, I figured out why that was happening. It wasn’t that I didn’t like swimming, I actually love swimming now as an adult. It was because at that time I was watching a very famous cartoon show called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some of you will know that show.

So, I was sitting on my couch comfortable watching that, and then I was always focused on that, so then when my mom obviously, “Come for swimming,” I would right away think, “Why do I want to go there? I’m doing this right now.”

So, the point of that story is it wasn’t that I didn’t like swimming lesson, it was just at that time I was focused on watching my Ninja Turtles and I was comfortable. My state of mind couldn’t break that I had to stop doing what I was doing, get in a car, drive all the way to the pool, then get inside, then change my clothes and jump in the cold pool.

So, here’s how you can avoid the same situation that happened with me any my mom, with your kids.

So, basically 15 minutes before you have to leave your house to go to the activity choose some sort of activity for them that they kind of dislike, so many cleaning their room, maybe washing the dishes. And just have them do that, just tell them I need that done. Okay?

And then they’re doing that, and then 15 minutes later when you know, okay, now this is the time you got to leave to get there on time to the activity, you’re simply going to just ask them, “Okay, so it’s time for your swimming lessons. Do you want to go to your swimming lessons or do you want to keep cleaning your room?”

So, mostly all kids are going to be like, “I’m just going to go swimming, I don’t want to clean my room.”

Hope you found that tip valuable… stay tuned for more posts like this.