7 Secrets you may not know about Kids Martial Arts

Secret #1 They’re going to get physically fit and active every time they come to class. Our warm ups are very intense when it comes to Pushups, Jumping Jacks, Squats, Plyos, Jumping, and Running on spot. Every time they come to class they’re going to get a really good workout that’s going to keep them fit. Because they’re doing that, they’re going to start building habits, and they’re going to become more active, so they’re going to want to do other active things instead of just sitting at home playing video games. Martial arts is so much more physical, and it was just like video games too. Just like in video games kids play them because they want to beat the game and the level, right? Same thing, martial arts has the belts system, so there’s levels to winning that too. Slowly I noticed that my video game addiction totally disappeared once I started doing martial arts and making new friends.

Secret #2 They’re going to learn focus and stillness. So, as they go throughout their training, they’re going to keep hearing us always say commands like, “Lock it up,” which means they stand still and they show Focus. Focus your Eyes, Mind, and Body….that’s something that I repeat all the time in the classes. So the longer they train, their focus is going to improve as well.

Secret #3 They’re going to get hit and roll with the punches. So, what that means is they’re going to get used to falling down, failing, sometimes getting hit by accident, but they’re going to get used to coming back right away. So, if they fall down, they’re going to get up. If they’re going to get hit, they’re going to roll with the punches. And just like in life when things are going to happen outside, instead of just quitting and giving up, they’re going to roll with the punches and just going to keep coming back and not going to give up.

Secret #4 They’re going to learn Courage, Confidence, and Respect. Martial arts is something different than most other activities. When they step on the floor the first time, they’re going outside their comfort zone. As they keep progressing in martial arts, they’re going to keep stepping out of their comfort zone because it’s going to be different, there’s going to be breaking boards, there’s going to be doing self-defense, there’s going to be sparring. So, they’re going to really learn to play all out. And when they have something happening in life, instead of just thinking, “Oh, I don’t want to do that. I’m going to play it safe.” They’re going to try it, they’re going to learn from experiences.

Secret #5 They’re going to learn to connect their Mind, Body, and Spirit. So, what that means is, unlike organized sports, martial arts, because it’s by yourself, when you’re doing things you’re learning about yourself, you’re learning about your body. So, when I punch I can feel how that feels, I know how far I have to be. So, the more I train, I get used to how my body moves and reacts. Even reflexes, because of martial arts training my reflexes are fast, and so sometimes when I’m walking and if a little leaf in fall time falls down, I’ll move right away because I’m reacting faster than the average person. They’re also going to learn to overcome fear faster. So, when something happens where they got to make a decision, they’re not going to just sit there and freeze, they’re not going to be paralyzed. They’re going to right away make a quick decision, and they’re going to go either option A, option B. Secret

#6 They’re going to learn conflict resolution skills. So, what that means is they’re going to learn how to defuse scenarios using their words. So, even though we learn martial arts, we don’t want to use it unless it’s for self-defense. And most of the time you want to try to out think the person. So basically with martial arts, especially with bullying, our kids are going to learn tactics where they’re going to either talk to the bully or they’re going to tell someone, or they’re going to tackle the situation in a way where they don’t have to be the first one to throw the first punch.

And the last secret (#7) is, they’re going to learn to breathe properly. So, breathing obviously everybody knows, we do this all the time. But martial arts we actually have a way we breathe, and when we breathe, and that’s controls us. Because breathing controls everything, when you’re angry, when you’re scared, your breathing pattern changes. Because in martial arts that is everything we do is breathing, we’re going to be able to control our temperature. So, if we’re tired or we’re not feeling good or if we’re really angry, we can control our scenarios and before we think, before we do, we can think first and then we react, because of the breathing we’ve been learning.


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