How to Bully Proof your Child

Hey Parents,

I want to talk about being bullied at school.

It happened to me when I was in high school and I want to talk about how martial arts actually plays an important role in transforming your child from someone who may be a victim of bullying to someone who stands up to them and eventually becomes a leader with Confidence.

I remember when I was being bullied and stood up to the bully (which actually happened by accident because he tried to get me to arm wrestle him and I won) I had the athleticism in me, I just didn’t have the confidence.

After winning the arm wrestle they stopped bullying me and started to Respect me….maybe because I didn’t back down and took the challenge. If you want your child to be bully proof, I’m going to give you three quick ways…. In our studio here we teach talk, tell, and tackle.

The talk part is where we want our student to basically try to stop the bully by just talking. Like just say, “Hey, leave me alone, I’m not going to do this.” If that doesn’t work, then they go to phase two which is tell, so they’re going to tell someone, they can tell their parents or their schoolteacher. If that still doesn’t work and the bully’s still bothering them, then they have to tackle the situation. That doesn’t mean they have to fight, it just means they have to tackle. They have to stand their ground and decide, “Okay, I got to stop this now, or it’s going to keep happening forever.”

Most likely if they just stand their ground and say “NO!” the bullies are going to walk away because bullies really are just looking for an easy target. But if the bully does become physical with them then they will have no choice but to use their Martial Arts skills to protect themselves and also defuse the situation. The goal of martial arts is to defend ourselves, so we never throw the first punch.

So if you put your child in martial arts it’s a good stepping stone to building their confidence and leadership skills. As they move up throughout life the life skills they learn will go with them, and they’re always going to be able to stand their ground and protect themselves and protect other people who they care about.


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